• Category : E-commerce
  • Target : USA/UK
  • Industry : Apparel
  • Website Age : Fresh
  • Platform : WordPress
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Project Brief:

We onboarded this client in March 2020. Their eCommerce website is was focused on a specific clothing niche. Our technical SEO team engaged with their development team to help them with website structure, code optimization, URL structuring and schema.

rankfellas launch the website on 25th of March with a complete execution strategy. Here is the breakdown of our strategy KPI’s.

  • Website Structure
  • Setting up Canonicals
  • Page Speed
  • User Experience
  • Content Optimization & Distribution
  • Cleaning code & crawling issues
  • Separated they live in Bookmarksgrove
  • Right at the coast of
  • PR & Shout Out by influencers
  • Combining Channels
  • User Retention
  • Linkbuilding Execution

Hitting 100 Visitors

Most new websites do not see any organic rankings until after a few months never mind true organic traffic.  However, with our approach, we were able to see the first 100 users after only 2 months after launching. These were not just the visitors but the actual buyers. Our client was seeing having 20-30 orders in month of May.

case study
rankfellas case study

First $2000

In June, we doubled the traffic from 100 to 200 visitors. More importantly, they were the right target visitors as we achieved almost $2k+ sales with 54 orders within 3rd month.

With this trajectory, client was seeing the benefits of our approach to not only seeing organic traffic but the traffic that actually converts.