The most Effective Techniques to Recover Lost Rankings

What Exactly is Google Penalty?

A sudden and drastic drop in your organic search rankings in Google, resulting from an update to the Google algorithms and/or a manual action by a Google Webmaster Team.

How you seen a large drop in traffic and rankings recently?  Receiving a Google Penalty happens to many website owners.  You are not along as even of the biggest market players in world have also been hit by the Google algorithmic updates and manual actions.

But here at rankfellas, we will help you regain those rankings.  But, we won’t stop there.   We will also work to establish ranking with effective keywords that you may not have ranked with prior. 

  • Complete in-depth Audit
  • Compliance with Google QRG
  • Execution on a customized plan
  • Establish a organic stronger foundation
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Two Types of Google Penalties

A manual action that comes for Google webmaster team usually reviewed and executed by a real person. To determine if you received manual penalty: go to webmaster tools of your site and check if you received notifications or messages from the webmaster team.

The second, the algorithmic penalty is more difficult to determine. It can occur by violating the Google Quality Rater Guidelines or through an Google Algorithmic Update. The core reason can be identified by a deep analysis or by studying the search ranking patterns and corresponding updates.

3 Major Reasons you might get a Google Penalty

Spammy Link Profile

Spammy low quality backlinks—are ones which are pointed to your domain from spam or poor authority sites. It is natural to get spammy links but if there an abundance of links it may trigger issues.

Content Syndication & Over Optimization

Duplicate Content and over optimization is another root cause to Google manual actions and ranking drops.

Technical Issues

Broken Links, Wrong Schema, Slow speed, 301 redirects, robots txt, crawling issues etc are the reasons for the Google penalty

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